Nero, Skrillex, Nicky Romero – WTF Promises (Sinister Fellows Reboot)

Sinister Fellows never miss the beat

Mondays: Biggest Boner kill day of the week. Most of you just came back from a pretty solid weekend but the work week has you down. However, today was a special monday due to the amount of new music that came out. From the likes of Afrojack throwing down bombs to Fedde and Nicky My “main nig” Romero, Matty spent a greater part of his day providing you with the essential chunes of the week. My personal favorite things to do is provide you with my favorite mashup of the day. Arguably my favorite vocals of the last year “Promises” are mashed up with Nicky Romero’s “WTF” production. I promise you this wont disappoint.

Download Here: Nero,Skrillex,ZROQ,Nicky Romero – WTF Promises (Sinister Fellows Reboot).mp3 – 12.9 MB

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