FREE DOWNLOADS: Anima OMG & The Moment OMG (Unmastered DJ Mix) – Tim Mason

Tim Mason

I know there is at least one man happy that Tim Mason is releasing these 2 absolute bombs tracks mixes and that is another writer on Never Miss The Beat called A Kip.  Like Kip, I praise this filthy Brit who just understand how to get a crowd high flying with his extremely uplifting beats.  I am sure one member of El Mafioso as I like to call Swedish House Mafia sometimes, cough cough…Steve Angello who is happy that he snagged this raw talent.  Enjoy the extended key play and breakdowns that this Brit has come to serve us up on this fine Tuesday afternoon with his new mixes of “Anima” and “The Moment.”

DOWNLOAD LINK: Tim Mason – Anima OMG.mp3 –

DOWNLOAD LINK: Tim Mason – The Moment OMG.mp3 –




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