Aorta (Dannic Remix) – Sem Thomasson

Aorta Dannic Remix Sem Thomasson
Straight off Serious Beats 71, one of Revealed Recordings’ Dutchman is on the decks remix Sem Thomasson’s “Aorta” into an absolute bomber.  If you don’t know what Serious Beats 71 is don’t worry because it is easy to explain.  Pretty much take those NOW CDs from the states that had the latest pop music on it and turn it into exclusive EDM tracks. Back to Dannic’s remix of “Aorta,” if you are looking to smile during your long day at work this euphoric remix makes it all the better that and streaming Tomorrowland on youtube.

DOWNLOAD LINK: Sem Thomasson – Aorta (Dannic Remix).mp3



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