Alexandra Stan – Lemonade (Cahill Club Mix)

Alexandra Stan- Lemonade Never Miss the Beat UK
You remember in 2009 when Kelis and her “Milkshake” brought all the boys to the yard? Fast Forward 3 years and now you have Alexandra Stan and her lemonade stand killing it. Here at NMTB, although we can’t bring the “milkshake” or “lemonade” to the yard, we do our best to keep you updated on the newest music. It seemed as if Stan’s 2011 “Saxobeat” would pave the way for a promising career for this Romanian broad but unfortunately, this was not the case. She is back in 2012 with this recent club hit overseas entitled “Lemonade”.  The UK has been doing a lot of things right as of late including the Olympics. Cahill, liverpool based Dj’s, have only added to the recent success of the UK. During these last few weeks of summer, take time to sit back enjoy the olympics while “sipping on your lemonade” courtesy of yours truly, Alexandra Stan.


Download Here: Alexandra Stan – Lemonade (Cahill Club Mix).mp3 – 13.9 MB

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