Dirty Dozen Episode 1 – Never Miss The Beat’s Weekly Mix

Dirty Dozen Never Miss The Beat Weekly Mix
So I felt adventurous this weekend probably got a little bit motivated due tot the Olympics being on followed by Tomorrowland.  Whatever though, something had lit a fire inside me to take on this new category added to Never Miss The Beat’s site.  I just decided to come out with our own playlist/weekly podcast type deal of the week’s top EDM tracks.  First, I thought why not just do the top 10, but some weeks would have more than just ten amazing tracks since I bumped it up to twelve to create Never Miss The Beat’s Dirty Dozen Weekly Mix.  Enjoy the debut episode/podcast/playlist of our new Dirty Dozen Tracks Of The Week.  Play it on your phone, ipod, car, at work, or pretty much wherever.

NMTB Official EDM Dirty Dozen – 001 from NMTBofficial on 8tracks.


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