Superman (JK Remix) – Arva

Superman JK remix Arva never miss the beat
You know I love repping the upcoming and new to the scene DJs, especially when they drop it likes it’s hot.  Trust me I just don’t toss tracks on this site unless I know the people will appreciate them and I know you all with definitely appreciate this is.

Coming to you live from NYC, I give you all the new DJ/Producer Duo, JK.  Comprised of young ambitious up and comers, 7evinKay and AZONE are looking to make waves in not only the NYC EDM game, but take it to the next level of national even international status.  Let me even go further and break this Duo down.  The younger of the two, 7evinKay, has been involved with, music since he was 10-years-old, playing string instruments and eventually moving on to composing classical pieces.  Finally he took to the EDM game at the age of 19-years-old and has never looked back.  His P.I.C. (Partner In Crime), AZONE, has been on the rise in the DJ scene and after a week of bouncing ideas off of each other they managed to drop us this stunning remix to “Superman.”

Moving past the Duo’s Biography, this remix has some legit transitions that make it a potential, actually an actual club banger.  If this track does not get you moving on the dance floor than I don’t know what will. Enjoy kids because there will be more from where this remix came from.



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