Rick Ross – God Forgives, I Don’t Album

Rick Ross- God Forgives I dont, Never Miss the Beat America
Lets be honest here: The rap game is all sorts of fucked up. Nowadays, all it takes is ominous piano riffs combined with a heavy bass line and you can make a couple of million on a song. You have clowns like 2 chainz and Soulja boy who are worth millions. What happened to the days of Biggie and 2pac spitting rhymes. Its all good though because Ricky Ross ” The Boss”, just put out his new album “God Forgives, I Dont”.  After listening to the whole album, there are two songs that you guys should become familiar with. The first one is called “Hold me back” and the second one is called “So Sophisticated”.  I know this is different from the usual NMTB posts but we are all about sharing good music so enjoy!

Download Here: Rick Ross- Hold me Back 08 Hold Me Back.mp3

Download Here: Rick Ross ft Meek Mill- So Sophisticated 10 So Sophisticated.mp3



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