VIDEO: Episode 2 (The Undertaking) – Freaks Of Nature

Freaks Of Nature Kaskade never miss the beat
I know many of you who have been to a concert or a festival and look at the stage in awe and there are some of you that could care less.  Well, this second episode of Kaskade’s Freaks Of Nature Tour explains it all to those who are interested and uninterested. Featuring footage from Montreal, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Boston, Hartford, Charleston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Toronto, it just shows how crazy a DJ’s life can be. Going to be honest here it is probably one of the coolest behind the scenes videos detailing it all with a special focus on the undertaking and set up of the tour at each venue.  Kaskade says it best, “That’s One of the reasons why I have you guys follow me around making a video of people to understand what goes into this.”  Enjoy some one on one time with Kaskade, his staff, and some killer concert highlights and behind the scene footage.



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