DOUBLE FEATURE: Golden Morning & Massive – Gordon & Doyle

Golden Morning Massive Gordon & Doyle never miss the beat
This may be very deceiving and even confusing but Gordon & Doyle is not a DJ Duo.  I know I know to my surprise, as well, it is actually one man.  With his real name being Manuel Babes, the man throws us another curveball with these tracks.  Starting with “Golden Morning,” Austrian blends together a house/electro/progressive track that includes a guitar and piano based melody along with a heavy electro drop.  You may be turned off at first but trust me listen to it more than once and it will get to you in a good way.  Next, we got “Massive” featuring a solid bass line with a beautiful piano melody transition making it an amazing progressive track.  Listen up and listen good we know and understand what un discovered talent is and here is an aspect of it.

DOWNLOAD LINK: Gordon & Doyle – Golden Morning (Original Mix) [].mp3 –

DOWNLOAD LINK: Gordon & Doyle – Massive (Original Mix) [].mp3 –




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