Weekend Heroes (Bauer & Lanford Remix) – Adrian Lux

Weekend Heroes Bauer & Lanford never miss the beat
Oh I am so happy that the entire Scandinavian region exists because amazing EDM original tracks, remixes, and mashups come from there.  One place in particular that has a special place in my heart even though I have yet to visit is Sweden.  Once planned as my destination as a study abroad location (that dream died for another time), Sweden is just know for Smoke House Blonde Females, and their EDM DJs (well that is what I know them for).  Anyway back to this post, Bauer & Lanford hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden has taken their fellow Swede’s, Adrian Lux, track of “Weekend Heroes” and turned it into a progressive BANGER.  Starting off with the tradition progressive bass line, this DJing Duo manages to build their beautiful drop with amazing piano, synth, bass work.  Speechless.

DOWNLOAD LINK: Adrian Lux – Weekend Heroes (Bauer & Lanford Remix).mp3 –


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