ANNOUNCEMENT: Porter Robinson & Zedd Present: “Poseidon” – The Back-To-Back Tour

Poseidon Back-To-Back Tour Zedd Porter Robinson never miss the beat

MTV sat down with Porter Robinson and quizzed him on his upcoming track with Zedd and tour announcement.  To start things off, Porter discusses his latest track with Zedd, “Poseidon.”  Robinson describes the track as a pretty song that incorporates disco chords, trancy sound, and an amazing topline, so expect a preview out sometime soon.  Next we got their “Poseidon” – Back-To-Back Tour.  Robinson states that this tour is strictly for the fans, which will feature Zedd & Porter playing together with no opening act.  This sounds like an epic tennis or ping pong match where both of them will be dropping like its hot for the fans.  All I know is I am definitely snagging my tickets wherever it is located.

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