Exclusive Interview: M-3ox

M-3ox interview never miss the beat

Ladies and Gentleman welcome to the first official interview hosted on Never Miss The Beat featuring none other than the boys from across the pond, M-3ox.  Exclusively known as the original producers of “Beating Of My Heart,” which has become massively popular by Matisse & Sadko, Darren & Philip (M-3ox) have broke on to the scene with their recent release of “Next To You” featuring Dan Brown on the vocals.  I know you all are tired of hearing me talk, so my last words are expect big things from these guys and take some time to get to know the future of EDM.

Never Miss The Beat: So where and how did it all begin?

M-3ox: We met a couple a few years ago in a mutual friend’s studio in London. We were working on a track with Dan Brown and thought he was a great singer. We kept his number and gave him a call when we needed a vocal for the track that was to become “Next To You”.

NTMB: Where did the name come from?

M-3ox: Carrying on a tradition of naming bands after pieces of studio equipment. At the time we were using a Digidesign Mbox for recording vocals.

NTMB: What’s you favorite track / record / album / mix set of all time?

M-3ox: Donna Summer – I Feel Love (it just has everything a great record should have). Album-wise, it would have to be Daft Punk – Discovery. Equally, seeing them live in Hyde Park was an evangelical experience. Far too many good sets to mention or remember!

NTMB: What was the first event you ever played at/put on?

M-3ox: Right now, as M-3ox and only two records in, we are studio based. We’re concentrating on putting out records and creating awareness as a band. When we do start DJing as M-3ox, we want to make sure it’s right and that we can put on a great show.

NTMB: What DJs of the past or present do you look up to or inspired you guys?

M-3ox: For over 20 years, Pete Tong has been championing house music and is still a great source for new music. We also watched Thomas Gold perform live at Beatport HQ and thought he was amazing.

NTMB: Who do you want to collaborate with next for DJ and/or vocalist?

M-3ox: We have a couple of collaborations coming up, the first being one with new Russian kid on the block, Duher.

NTMB: You guys are on absolute fire right now starting with the massively supported “Beating Of My Heart” and following that hard act to follow with “Next To You” Featuring Dan Brown.  What else do you guys have in the works?

M-3ox: There’ll be another song with Heidrun and also one with Dan Brown later this year.

NTMB: Dying to play at more in the US Ultra or EDC: Las Vegas? Why?

M-3ox: We would love to play both of them, but for now, we have to build the M-3ox name and with any luck, those bookings will come!

NTMB: Miami or Ibiza? And Why?

M-3ox: Ibiza, by a small margin, as the spiritual home of dance music (and we have had some great nights out there).

NTMB: Where do you want to be in 2 years/ where do you see yourself in the future?

M-3ox: Hopefully making music that builds on the success we have had so far with Beating Of My Heart and Next To You. Continuing to collaborate with some great producers and vocalists and perhaps a few DJ gigs thrown in for good measure!

Thanks again, we appreciate you taking your time to interview with Never Miss The Beat.  Keep producing more bomb tracks.



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