Free Download: How We Do Time (Stereoshock Official Edit)

How We Do Time Stereoshock Edit never miss the beat
The New York based kid is at again.  This time Stereoshock drops us his latest downloadable edit, “How We Do Time.”  Taking the original tracks of “How We Do” by Hardwell & Showtek and “In Time” by Peace Treaty featuring Anabel Englund, Stereoshock perfectly edits both of them to make a big room edit that is ready for peak-time performance.  I have to say I am pretty impressed by his ability to blend this unique progressive vocal track with heavy hitting drops.  Enough about my opinion though, Stereoshock says it best himself:

“This edit is truly special; due to the fact that the vocals between the male and the female are similar in terms of the end-rhyme scheme.  The build feels like a continuation of the verse, and gives a duet type feel that I strived for during production.”

Well said sir and extremely well mixed. Keep them coming.



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