Throwback Thursday: Afrojack ft Eva Simons- Take Over Control

Amsterdam- Afrojack- Take over Control- Never Miss the Beat

What constitutes a throwback jam? Is it some period of time greater than 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year 5 years etc? While thousands of EDM listeners debate, I believe the definition of a throwback is a song that was recently popular within the last year but now has been completely forgotten about and phazed out of the mainstream scene. That brings me to this Dutch Hammer, Afrojack. Nowadays when someone brings him up , the first thing that pops into your head is Paris Hilton. His failed mentorship of this blonde bombshell has tarnished his image for the last couple of months. But people, let’s not forget about his talents behind the decks. Afrojack  said ” I am the first man to make bleep house popular on mainstream radio and you best believe its gonna be around for a while.” His first so called “Bleep House” bomb was this throwback ” Take over control”. At this point if your not singing the lyrics in your head, Z100 and mainstream America has failed you. If you havent heard it, plug in your headphones and turn it on…



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