Bombs Over Capitals – AN21 & Max Vangeli

Bombs Over Capitals AN21 Max Vangeli never miss the beat
I have to first apologize for the very long sabbatical we were on.  With moving into school and hitting up 3 days of Electric Zoo, you have to understand that there was a lot on our plates.  Good news is that we are back and are going to fill you all in on the latest and greatest releases in the EDM game.

Kicking it off, we have the massive track from this amazing DJing Duo, AN21 & Max Vangeli.  My personal belief is that “Bombs Over Capitals” is the centerpiece of this Duo’s sensational album release, “People Of The Night,” which you all will be able to download later today.  Enjoy the spectacular production skills from this Dynamic Duo as well as Julie McKnight’s orgasmic pipes.

DOWNLOAD LINK: AN21 & Max Vangeli feat. Julie McKnight – Bombs Over Capitals (Original Mix)



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